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Efficient Numerical Solution of Time-Dependent Multichannel One-Dimensional or Radial Problems in Quantum Mechanics

Houfek, K.

An efficient and very accurate numerical solution of a system of coupled time-dependent Schrodinger equations with one space variable is presented. The time evolution is performed using a generalized Crank-Nicholson method whereas the space discretization is based on the finite element method and the discrete variable representation. Moreover we apply the exterior complex scaling method to avoid undesired reflections of the wave packets at the ends of the grid instead of the most efficient for solving the system of a coupled time-dependent radial Schrodinger equations which is encountered in many problems in atomic and molecular physics.
pacs:02.60.I.j.,02.70,-c, 34.10.+x, 34.80. -i
odkaz: http://proceedings.aip.org/resource/2/apcpcs/1168/1/293_1
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