Relativistický seminář
Ústavu teoretické fyziky

Seminář se koná v úterý ve 13:10 v posluchárně ÚTF MFF UK
v 10. patře katedrové budovy v Tróji, V Holešovičkách 2, Praha 8

9. března 2021
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Black Hole Physics, Analogue Space-Times, and Electromagnetism
Dr. Sebastian Schuster
ÚTF already
(seminář v angličtině)

Black hole physics has always provided a fascinating lens for phenomenology and fundamental questions alike. Personally, I always felt particularly drawn, on the one hand, to quantum field theoretic aspects of this. On the other hand, I take great pleasure in linking various physical and mathematical observations across fields—the basic idea behind the analogue space-time paradigm. In this talk, I will present our work in both of these subfields of relativity. On the side of black hole physics, particular focus will lie on how the Hawking effect is mildly misrepresented when described as black body radiation. A natural question to ask of analogue models, then, is whether this curious property is retained in the evaporation of an analogue black hole. While investigating this, we were led to an important and often overlooked distinction of how an analogue space-time analogue can be formulated. As an example for this, I will construct two very different kinds of analogues from electromagnetism in media. One of the oldest analogues turns out to be encumbered by numerous subtle and intricate issues of cartography. Although this spells trouble for use as a general relativistic analogue, I propose a way to turn this into a stepping stone towards analogues beyond general relativity.

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