M. Allan, M. Čížek, J. Horáček and W Domcke:
Electron scattering in cooled HCl: boomerang structures
and outer-well resonances in elastic and vibrational excitation cross sections.
J. Phys. B 33 (2000) L209-L213.

Differential cross sections for elastic scattering and excitation of the nu = 1 vibrational level have been measured for rotationally cooled HCl at energies near the
threshold for dissociative attachment. The cooling improves the visibility of the oscillatory structure in the nu = 0 --> 1 cross section and permits the observation of
a similar structure also in the elastic channel. The integral nu = 0 --> 1 cross section and the resonant part of the integral elastic cross section have been calculated
using a nonlocal resonance model. A high degree of agreement of the details of the measured and calculated structures confirms the correctness of the model and
the high accuracy of the nb initio HCl- potential-energy function used as input to the model.