M. Čížek, J. Horáček and W Domcke:
Associative detachment, dissociative attachment, and vibrational excitation of HCl by low-energy electrons.
Phys. Rev. A 60 (1999) 2873

An improved nonlocal resonance model for electron-HCl collisions is constructed. The model takes account of the dependence of the dipole-modified threshold
exponent on the internuclear distance. The long-range part of the HCl- potential-energy function has been determined from the most accurate ab initio calculations
which are available. Only the s-wave component of the electronic continuum wave function is taken into account. Cross sections for vibrational excitation,
dissociative attachment, and associative detachment have been calculated. For all three collision processes, the cross sections calculated with this model are in
better agreement with experiment than previous calculations. The calculations reproduce very well even fine details of the threshold structures in the vibrational
excitation cross sections of HCl.