Extinction map of the LMC derived using OGLE-III RR Lyr stars

O. Pejcha & K. Z. Stanek

Department of Astronomy
The Ohio State University

We provide extinction maps of the Large Magellanic Cloud derived from OGLE-III photometry of RR Lyr stars. We also provide estimate of internal reddening. Please see our paper for more details.

Download: our extinction map can be downloaded here. The archive contains a text file with a list of pixels with associated values of reddening E(V-I), its standard deviation, difference in E(V-I) between distant and close stars and number of stars in each pixel. The archive also contains the same data saved with IDL command SAVE, and an IDL program to query the map.

For conversion between reddening E(V-I) and I band extinction AI we recommend to use factor of 1.1. Please see our paper for more details.

We plan to implement an on-line query form for fixed-resolution and fixed-noise data soon...