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Currently working at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.
Here is my short CV.

For information regarding my lecturing click here (page in czech).

My research concentrates on exact solutions in GR (mainly radiative and cosmological solutions), quasilocal horizons and lately also quantum aspects of gravity. For more details skim through the abstracts to my papers.

Here is some illustration relevant to two of my research topics.

The first one is connected to studies of gravitational waves in General Relativity. Although they produce deformations of objects (as shown on the video sequence for a ring of noninteracting particles with gravitational waves traveling perpendicularly to the screen). However, the strength is unbelievably small with the biggest expected relative deformations being ~10-22. They were detected for the first time by LIGO Scientific Collaboration in 2015 and the Nobel prize was awarded to the leading researchers around this project in 2017.

Another field of research that I work in are black holes and their horizons. The video sequence shows the transition of initially nonspherical past horizon in Robinson-Trautman spacetime into a final spherical one as time goes by (the time scale is in fact logarithmic).

The above animations are in open Ogg Theora or WebM video formats inside HTML 5 video tag. For the serious reasons why everyone should be afraid of the H.264 format read this.

Contact: ota_at_matfyz_dot_cz

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