Beginnings to delta functions

Polarization to the end of elmag field

Special theory of relativity

Hi, I'll be right with you, just sit down and fix yourself a drink...

Now, this is me: 

Oops, no... It's a friend of mine. But I'm here.

I'm sorry I am late - didn't expect YOU to come!

But once you're here I invite you for a short walk through my favourite spots on the Internet.

As I said I am a student. You might want to visit my university - Charles University of Prague. It is the oldest university in Central Europe. Charles IV founded it in 1348. It's buildings are scatterred all around Prague (unfortunately). I live at the southern edge of Prague while the building where the Department of Theoretical Physics is lies on the opposite side. When visiting here, please, don§t forget to check out the homepage of my colleague Vojta Pravda.

Here I offer you some of my favourite links:

If you want to ask me anything or would like to tell me something or just want to say hi, here is my E-mail address:

Bye now, your Martin

If some of the characters don't show up right on the screen change to the Central European encoding (Options, Document Encoding, Central European (Win1250)). If that doesn't work either then simply remember that my name is spelled pretty close to Zofka...

Green color indicates links which I intend to include in the near future as soon as I find the corresponding places in my bookmarks while the red ones are two links which I wanted to include originally but then realized that would be too commercial for an academic network like this...