Using the Net at Institute of Theoretical Physics


Please report any problems with computers or network entirely to e-mail address In emergencies use cell phone +420 732 719 267 (Jiří Eliášek).

Windows Domain

WWW Pages


Access from Internet

UTF website

Windows domain – Logging in

Login with your login name and password. Check that there is "UTF" in the "Domain" field. If you fail to log in, write us.

Windows domain – Network drives

After a successful login these drives should appear:
L: Home directory. Data on this drive are accessible for the account owner only. For important data use this drive instead of the local C:
- It's secure, no one is allowed to access your files.
- It's available from any computer at UTF and also from Internet (read below).
- There are daily backups. In case of a disk failure it's impossible to recover data on local drives.
K: Shared data, for UTF staff only.
S: Other shared data including the public accessible S:\pub.
W: WWW pages

Windows domain – Changing password

In Windows NT/2000/XP pres Ctrl-Alt-Del after a successful login and press the "Change Password" button.

In Windows 95/98 go to Control Panel/Passwords, click on "Change another password".

WWW – Basic information

Contents of directory L:\www (must be lowercase, WWW doesn't work) is visible as (https for secured access works as well).

This service isn't enabled by default, you can request it at

WWW – Useful hints

WWW – HTTP server documentation and configuration

Documentation and manuals for Apache http server, mod_czech, PHP, mysql and other installed software is available at

The http server is Apache version 1.3.27 with these modules enabled (the most interesting modules are highlighted): mod_env, mod_log_config, mod_mime, mod_negotiation, mod_include, mod_autoindex, mod_dir, mod_cgi, mod_asis, mod_imap, mod_actions, mod_speling, mod_userdir, mod_alias, mod_rewrite, mod_access, mod_auth, mod_auth_db, mod_proxy, mod_expires, mod_headers, mod_unique_id, mod_setenvif, apache_ssl, mod_macro, mod_czech, mod_php4, mod_macro.

You can look at server configuration. Note that this file does not necessarily agree with the real state and that sensitive parts are omitted.

E-mail - Basic information

You can have your mailbox at out server with address <name> where <name> is usually your loginname (bud may be different). The mailbox is accessible via POP3 and IMAP (plain or SSL-enabled). Access from UNIX text clients like pine is also possible.

E-mail – MozillaMail configuration (IMAP)

This is a short description how to set up MozillaMail to access your UTF mailbox. It may be similar with other IMAP clients.

E-mail – Forwarding and filtering e-mails

Your e-mail is delivered by Qmail MTA. Spam is filtered by Bogofilter. You can setup forwarding and filtering in L:\.qmail and L:\.procmail files. Mail admins in case of problems.

E-mail – Access via SSH/pine

Write admins if you request an UNIX account at UTF.

Access from Internet – Basic information

From anywhere in the Internet you can use FTP/ssl to access your files, IMAP/POP3 (SSL variants recommended) to access your mailbox and SSH to login in your UNIX account.
SSH fingerprints (sha256):
1024 40:5a:0e:47:4b:04:27:93:15:d4:3d:75:76:c8:5b:46 (DSA)
256  dc:b1:68:c9:6d:4c:c5:d9:36:9d:ed:70:11:e4:17:bb (ECDSA)
2048 de:bd:ec:c6:81:05:10:1a:0f:41:95:3d:3a:99:56:43 (RSA)

Access from Internet – Access to files using FTP/ssl

Windows: Download FileZilla FTP client from There is a prepared configuration for
UNIX or other OS: Mail admins.

UTF website – UTF databases

Databases containing information about UTF which are used for generating some pages (staff info, lectures etc.) are now accessible via Internet. The address (which still might change) is You will be asked for password if you are accessing the page from outside the UTF or if your computer is not in the access control list (ACL). To obtain the password or get your computer in the ACL, please, contact