Prof. RNDr. Pavel Krtouš, Ph.D.

Born on August 9, 1967, Liberec, Czech Republic.

Academic qualifications: 1985-1991 – Master studies in theoretical physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague (supervisor Prof. Bičák). Fall 1988 – a study visit at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the Moscow University (collaboration with Prof. Gaľtsov). 1993-1997 – graduate studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (supervisor Prof. Page); PhD degree in 1997. 2007 – Habilitation (doc. degree) in Theoretical Physics, Charles University. 2017 – Professor in Theoretical Physics, Charles University.

Scientific career: Teaching Assistant (1993-1997) at the Physics Department, University of Alberta, Canada, Assistant (1997), Senior Assistant (1998-2007), Associate Professor (2008-2018), and Full Professor (from 2018) at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Charles University in Prague. Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Charles University (from 2019).

Research interests: Active research mainly in general relativity (exact solutions, global structure, gravitational radiation, higher dimensions). Research interests in quantum theory in curved spacetimes and quantum gravity. More than 55 publications in refereed scientific journals.

Foreign contacts: Regular visits at University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (2005–2019, collaboration with Prof. Frolov, Prof. Zelnikov, and Prof. Page), visits at Albert-Einstein Institute, MPI in Golm, Germany (2001–2005), at DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK (2010, 2011), and at Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada (2014, 2015, 2018).

Pedagogical activities: Undergraduate lectures on Special Theory of Relativity, Classical Electrodynamics, and mathematical methods for physicists. Graduate lectures on differential geometry, advanced topics in relativity, classical mechanics, and interpretation of quantum mechanics. Also active in popularization of science.

Participation in grants: GAČR 19-01850S, 2019–2021 (principal investigator); GAČR 202/96/6230, 1996–1998; GAČR 202/99/0261, 1999–2001; GAČR 202/02/0735, 2002–2004; GAČR 202/06/0041, 2006–2008; GAČR 202/09/0772, 2009–2013; GAČR 14-37086G, 2014–2018; GAUK 6230, 1996–1998; GAUK 141/2000, 2000–2002; GAUK 166/2003, 2003 (principal investigator prof. Bičák). GAČR 202/08/0187, 2008–2011; GAČR P203/12/0118 2012–2016; GAČR 17-01625S, 2017–2019; GAČR 20-05421S, 2020–2022 (principal investigator prof. Podolský). Research projects MSM113200004, 2001-2004; MSM0021610860, 2007-2013. Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics LC06014, 2007-2009.