scattering database
Hex-db is a command line interface (CLI) that is used to access a background SQLite database. On request, the program computes many different scattering variables like scattering amplitude, differential and integral cross section and many more. Moreover, due to its modular structure the implementation of other derived scattering variables is really straightforward.
The intermediate SQLite database file contains T-matrices imported from the results of other programs (hex-main, hex-dwba and hex-pwba) and also some precomputed derived variables (e.g. integral cross sections) whose run-time evaluation would be too costly. This optimization greatly reduces the time necessary for obtaining a result.
The program can be used as a stand-alone interface, or as a part of a more complicated scripted pipeline, or as a backend of the Web interface that is offered on this portal.
For details see the Doxygen documentation.
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[1] SQLite home page.
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