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Hydrogen-electron collision solver
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Public Member Functions
HydrogenFunction Class Reference

#include <hydrogen.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HydrogenFunction (int n, int l)
 Constructor for bound state. More...
double far (double eps=1e-10, int max_steps=1000) const
 Get far radius. More...
int n () const
 Get principal quantum number. More...
int l () const
 Get orbital quantum number. More...
double operator() (double r) const
 Evaluate the function. More...
double getTurningPoint () const
 Classical turning point. More...
bool operator== (HydrogenFunction const &psi) const
 Comparison. More...

Detailed Description

Hydrogen radial function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HydrogenFunction::HydrogenFunction ( int  n,
int  l 

Member Function Documentation

double HydrogenFunction::far ( double  eps = 1e-10,
int  max_steps = 1000 
) const

Compute far radius \( R \). For \( r > R \) the hydrogen radial function will always be less than 'eps'. Or, if the function is a free state wave function, return the smallest radius such that the value of the precise free state is less than "eps" and the value of the asymptotic form is zero. (I.e. the free state will be evaluated at the zeros of the asymptotic form.)

double HydrogenFunction::getTurningPoint ( ) const
int HydrogenFunction::l ( ) const
int HydrogenFunction::n ( ) const
double HydrogenFunction::operator() ( double  r) const
bool HydrogenFunction::operator== ( HydrogenFunction const &  psi) const

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