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Hydrogen-electron collision solver
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potential.h File Reference
#include "arrays.h"
#include "hydrogen.h"
#include "special.h"
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Data Structures

class  DistortingPotential
 Distorting potential information. More...


const rArrays Ucoeffs
 U polynomial coefficients. More...
DistortingPotential exception

Variable Documentation

const rArrays Ucoeffs

Can be generated in Maxima CAS.

* R(n,l,r) := sqrt((2/n)^3 * (n-l-1)!/(2*n*(n+l)!)) * gen_laguerre(n-l-1,2*l+1,2*r/n) * (2*r/n)^l * exp(-r/n);
* Ucoeffs(n) := block ( [ tmp ],
* tmp : expand(integrate(R(n,0,r)^2*r^2*(1/r-1/x), r, x, inf)*exp(2*x/n)+1/x),
* reverse(makelist(float(coeff(tmp, x, i)), i, 0, length(tmp)-1))
* );
* Ucoeffs(1);
* Ucoeffs(2);
* ...