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Hydrogen-electron collision solver
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Data Structures | Public Member Functions
CsrMatrix Class Reference

Complex CSR matrix. More...

#include <matrix.h>

Data Structures

class  LUft
 LU factorization object. More...
class  PngGenerator

Public Member Functions

 CsrMatrix ()
 CsrMatrix (size_t m, size_t n)
 CsrMatrix (CsrMatrix const &A)
 CsrMatrix (size_t m, size_t n, lArrayView const &p, lArrayView const &i, cArrayView const &x)
 ~CsrMatrix ()
void drop ()
 Clear data. More...
cArray dot (cArrayView const &b) const
size_t size () const
size_t rows () const
size_t cols () const
lArray const & p () const
lArray const & i () const
cArray const & x () const
double norm () const
void write (const char *filename) const
void plot (const char *filename, double threshold=0.) const
LUft factorize (double droptol=0) const
 Compute (incomplete) LU factorization. More...
cArray solve (const cArrayView b, size_t eqs=1) const
 Solve the Ax = b problem, where "b" can be a matrix. More...
void link (std::string name)
 Link to a disk file. More...
Complex operator() (unsigned i, unsigned j) const
CsrMatrixoperator*= (Complex r)
CsrMatrixoperator&= (CsrMatrix const &B)
CsrMatrixoperator^= (CsrMatrix const &B)
CsrMatrix sparse_like (CsrMatrix const &B) const
cArray diag () const
CooMatrix tocoo () const
RowMatrix< Complextorow () const
cArray upperSolve (cArrayView const &b) const
cArray lowerSolve (cArrayView const &b) const
template<class Functor >
CsrMatrix nzTransform (Functor f) const
bool hdfsave () const
bool hdfsave (std::string name) const
bool hdfload ()
bool hdfload (std::string name)

Detailed Description

Complex compressed-storage-row-major-ordered sparse matrix. The data are stored in four arrays,

* p, i, x, z

Here, Ap is an array of N+1 elements, where N is the number of rows. It contains indices of beginnings of single rows in all remaining arrays. The last element contains one-past-end pointer, i.e. it should be aqual to the element count of the matrix (zero and nonzero). The array Ai holds column indices of elements, which are stored in Ax and Az, real ang imaginary part being separated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CsrMatrix::CsrMatrix ( )
CsrMatrix::CsrMatrix ( size_t  m,
size_t  n 
CsrMatrix::CsrMatrix ( CsrMatrix const &  A)
CsrMatrix::CsrMatrix ( size_t  m,
size_t  n,
lArrayView const &  p,
lArrayView const &  i,
cArrayView const &  x 
CsrMatrix::~CsrMatrix ( )

Member Function Documentation

size_t CsrMatrix::cols ( ) const
cArray CsrMatrix::diag ( ) const

Return dense array with diagonal elements of the matrix.

cArray CsrMatrix::dot ( cArrayView const &  b) const

Ordinary matrix-vector product, \( A\cdot b \).

bVector to multiply with.
void CsrMatrix::drop ( )
CsrMatrix::LUft CsrMatrix::factorize ( double  droptol = 0) const

This function computes the LU factorization of the matrix. It uses the free UMFPACK library.

droptolDrop tolerance. If an element of the factorization matrices should be in absolute value smaller than "droptol" the library will omit it completely effectively making the result more sparse.
Special structure of the LUft type, holding opaque information about the factorization.
bool CsrMatrix::hdfload ( )

Load matrix from HDF file.

bool CsrMatrix::hdfload ( std::string  name)
bool CsrMatrix::hdfsave ( ) const

Save matrix to HDF file.

bool CsrMatrix::hdfsave ( std::string  name) const
lArray const& CsrMatrix::i ( ) const
void CsrMatrix::link ( std::string  name)

Set a default I/O file that will be used if any of the functions hdfload or hdfsave will be used without an explicit filename.

cArray CsrMatrix::lowerSolve ( cArrayView const &  b) const

Solves lower triangular system of equations using backsubstitution. The matrix needs not be triangular, but elements above the diagonal won't be used or changed.

bRight-hand side.
double CsrMatrix::norm ( ) const
template<class Functor >
CsrMatrix CsrMatrix::nzTransform ( Functor  f) const

Applies a user transformation on nonzero matrix elements.

fA functor compatible with following declaration:
* Complex (*f) (size_t i, size_t j, Complex z);
CsrMatrix & CsrMatrix::operator&= ( CsrMatrix const &  B)

Addition of another CSR matrix. The matrices MUST HAVE THE SAME SPARSE STRUCTURE, as no indices are checked.

Complex CsrMatrix::operator() ( unsigned  i,
unsigned  j 
) const

Element-wise access (const). If a non-existing element is referenced, zero is returned.

CsrMatrix & CsrMatrix::operator*= ( Complex  r)

Multiplication by a number.

CsrMatrix & CsrMatrix::operator^= ( CsrMatrix const &  B)

Subtraction of another CSR matrix. The matrices MUST HAVE THE SAME SPARSE STRUCTURE, as no indices are checked.

lArray const& CsrMatrix::p ( ) const
void CsrMatrix::plot ( const char *  filename,
double  threshold = 0. 
) const

Save matrix structure as a black-and-white image.

filenameFile name.
thresholdLargest absolute value represented by white colour.
size_t CsrMatrix::rows ( ) const
size_t CsrMatrix::size ( ) const
cArray CsrMatrix::solve ( const cArrayView  b,
size_t  eqs = 1 
) const

Uses UMFPACK through the LUft::solve function.

bComplex vector containing column-major ordered data; it may be a flattened matrix.
eqsNumber of columns.
Array of roots in the same shape as "b".
CsrMatrix CsrMatrix::sparse_like ( CsrMatrix const &  B) const

Sets fill-in elements so that the storage structure of this matrix will be identical to that of the other CSR matrix. We can the use “fast” arithmetic operators & and ^.

CooMatrix CsrMatrix::tocoo ( ) const

Convert to COO format.

RowMatrix< Complex > CsrMatrix::torow ( ) const

Convert to dense matrix.

cArray CsrMatrix::upperSolve ( cArrayView const &  b) const

Solves upper triangular system of equations using backsubstitution. The matrix needs not be triangular, but elements under the diagonal won't be used or changed.

bRight-hand side.
void CsrMatrix::write ( const char *  filename) const

Write the matrix data to a file.


Format of the fields i,j,x,z is:

* %d\t%d\t%g\t%g
cArray const& CsrMatrix::x ( ) const

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