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Hydrogen-electron collision solver
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCArrayView< T >Array view
|oCArray< T, Alloc >A comfortable data array class
||\CNumberArray< T, Alloc >A comfortable number array class
|oCArray< T, PlainAllocator< T > >
||\CNumberArray< T >
|\CCLArrayView< T >OpenCL array wrapper
| \CCLArray< T, Alloc >OpenCL array wrapper
oCArrayView< cArray >
|\CArray< cArray >
oCArrayView< Complex >
|\CArray< Complex, PlainAllocator< Complex > >
| \CNumberArray< Complex >
oCArrayView< double >
|\CArray< double, PlainAllocator< double > >
| \CNumberArray< double >
oCArrayView< int >
|\CArray< int, PlainAllocator< int > >
| \CNumberArray< int >
oCArrayView< long >
|\CArray< long, PlainAllocator< long > >
| \CNumberArray< long >
oCArrayView< SymDiaMatrix >
|\CArray< SymDiaMatrix >
oCArrayView< Tout >
|\CArray< Tout, PlainAllocator< Tout > >
| \CNumberArray< Tout >
oCArrayView< Type >
|\CArray< Type, PlainAllocator< Type > >
| \CNumberArray< Type >
oCBsplineB-spline environment
oCChebyshev< Tin, Tout >Chebyshev approximation
oCClenshawCurtis< Functor, FType >Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature
oCCommandLineCommand line parameters
oCCompactIntegrand< Functor, FType >Compactification multiplied by its jacobian
oCCooMatrixComplex COO matrix
oCCscMatrixComplex CSC matrix
oCCsrMatrixComplex CSR matrix
oCDenseMatrix< T >DenseMatrix
oCDenseMatrix< Type >
|oCColMatrix< T >Dense (column-oriented) matrix
|oCColMatrix< Complex >
|oCRowMatrix< T >Dense (row-oriented) matrix
|\CRowMatrix< Complex >
|\CexceptionException class
oCGaussLegendreGauss-Legendre quadrature
oCHDFFileHDF I/O management
oCICompactification< FType >Compactification
|oCCompactificationF< Functor, FType >Compactification of a function from finite interval
|oCCompactificationL< Functor, FType >Compactification of a function from (-∞,b] to (-1,1]
|\CCompactificationR< Functor, FType >Compactification of a function from [a,+∞) to [-1,1)
oCInputFileInput parameters
oCis_complex< T >
oCis_complex< std::complex< T > >
oCis_scalar< T >
oCCsrMatrix::LUftLU factorization object
oCexception::Params::p::p< Params >Constructor
oCParallelMPI info
oCPlainAllocator< T >Basic memory allocator
oCPreconditionerBasePreconditioner template
|oCMultiresPreconditionerMulti-resolution (V-cycle) preconditioner
|\CNoPreconditionerSolution driver without actual preconditioner
| oCCGPreconditionerCG iteration-based preconditioner
| |oCDICCGPreconditionerDIC-preconditioned CG-based preconditioner
| |oCILUCGPreconditionerILU-preconditioned CG-based preconditioner
| |oCJacobiCGPreconditionerJacobi-preconditioned CG-based preconditioner
| |oCSPAICGPreconditionerSPAI-preconditioned CG-based preconditioner
| |\CSSORCGPreconditionerSSOR-preconditioned CG-based preconditioner
| | \CTwoLevelPreconditionerTwo-resolution preconditioner
| \CGPUCGPreconditionerCG iteration-based preconditioner (GPU variant)
oCPreconditionersPreconditioner traits
oCRadialFunction< T >Base class for radial functions
oCSymDiaMatrixSymmetric diagonal matrix
oCTimerTiming class