Accelerated black holes in
(not only)
anti-de Sitter universe

Pavel Krtouš

Institute of Theoretical Physics,
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University, Prague

The C-metric is one of few known exact solutions of Einstein's field equations which describes the gravitational field of moving sources. It plays an important role in study of, e.g., radiative properties of gravitational fields, or can be used as a test-bed for numerical simulations. For a vanishing or positive cosmological constant the C-metric represents two accelerated black holes in asymptotically flat or de Sitter universe. For a negative cosmological constant the structure of the spacetime is more complicated. Depending on the value of the acceleration, it can represent one or a sequence of pairs of accelerated black holes in the spacetime with an anti-de Sitter-like infinity. The global structure of this spacetime will be analyzed and compared with an empty anti-de Sitter universe and with the standard C-metric in a flat background. It is illustrated by 3D conformal-like animated diagrams.