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Hydrogen-electron collision solver
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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oCArrayA comfortable data array class
oCArrayViewArray view
oCChebyshevChebyshev approximation
oCClenshawCurtisClenshaw-Curtis quadrature
oCCompactificationFCompactification of a function from finite interval
oCCompactificationLCompactification of a function from (-∞,b] to (-1,1]
oCCompactificationRCompactification of a function from [a,+∞) to [-1,1)
oCCompactIntegrandCompactification multiplied by its jacobian
oCexceptionException class
oCis_complex< std::complex< T > >
oCNumberArrayA comfortable number array class
oCPlainAllocatorBasic memory allocator
oCRadialFunctionBase class for radial functions
oCTimerTiming class
oCVariableBase class for scatering variables
oCVariableListList of variables
\Cvec3dSimple 3D vector class