Moving-mesh radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of wind-reprocessed transients

New paper spearheaded by Diego Calderón, who developed a new radiation module for moving-mesh code JET by Paul Duffell. The moving mesh is constrained to move only radially, essentially working as a set of 1D Lagrangian wedges coupled by lateral fluxes. Radiation is implemented in flux-limited diffusion approximation and with implicit timestep update. All of these features make this code a perfect tool for studying various explosions and transients in astrophysics, especially the ones lacking spherical symmetry and powered by radiative shocks.

As a first application, we looked at wind-reprocessed transients (think tidal disruption events or AT2018cow-like supernovae), where we verified the analytics of Piro & Lu (2020) and observed how the result changes for anisotropic central radiation sources.

Preprint available at