Seminář atomové fyziky

Archiv jaro 2022

Seminář se koná ve čtvrtek od 15:40 v posluchárně ÚTF MFF UK
v 10. patře katedrové budovy v Tróji, V Holešovičkách 2, Praha 8

Minulé semináře:

24. února 2022
Many-body methods for atoms and molecules I. Perturbation theory for the ground state
RNDr. Přemysl Kolorenč, Ph.D.
Institute of Theoretical Physics
3. března 2022
Seminář se nekoná
10. března 2022
Many-body methods for atoms and molecules II. Excited states - Intermediate state representation ADC
RNDr. Přemysl Kolorenč, Ph.D.
Institute of Theoretical Physics
24. března 2022
Analysis of collision processes in quantum mechanics using Siegert states
Matěj Konvalinka
Student of Theoretical Physics
7. dubna 2022
Electron scattering on N2O molecule in threshold region.
doc&doc Martin Čížek, Karel Houfek
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Working seminar. Review of literature for future calculation.
14. dubna 2022
Optimization of the contraction and truncation schemes of the MFCI method for the study of the vibrational motions of naphthalene, anthracene, and tetracene.
El Hassan Afddas
PhD candidate
Description of previous master thesis work.
21. dubna 2022
Dissociative electron attachment to pyrole: 2D nonlocal model.
Jan Dvořák
PhD student, UTF
This is working seminar on preliminary results for dissociative electron attachment to pyrole molecule. Model construction. Preliminary results for 1D and 2D dynamics. Considerations on role of direct versus resonance mechanism and role of symmetry breaking.
28. dubna 2022
Optical control of free electron beams – from inelastic scattering to quantum coherent interactions.
RNDr. Martin Kozák, Ph.D.
Department of Chemical Physics and Optics, MFF UK
12. května 2022
Photodetachment and photodissociation of negative ions
doc. RNDr. Martin Čížek, Ph.D.
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Working seminar. I will derive what I think is correct formula for photodetachment and photodissociation of negative molecular anion in dipole approximation, with the dynamics of the intermediate excited anion treated in the nonlocal discrete-state-in-continuum model. I expect discussion with other members of the group who are better experts on light driven processes.
19. května 2022
Electronic decoherence following photoionization
Jan Šenk
Student of Theoretical Physics
mimořádný seminář 9. června 2022 ve 13:00
Autodetachment of long-living anions of C2
Roman Čurík
J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry
Theoretical analysis of experiments done in Heidelberg by V.C. Schmidt, M. Ončák, O. Novotný, A. Wolf.

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