Ondřej Pejcha (group leader)

Bachelor (2006) & Master (2008): ITP MFF UK, advisor Dr. David Heyrovský
PhD (2013): Ohio State University, advisor Prof. Todd Thompson
Postdoc (2013-2017): Princeton University, NASA Hubble and Lyman Spitzer Jr. Fellow
Interests: binary stars, mergers, neutron stars, black holes, core-collapse supernovae, stellar dynamics, transients, and temporal variability in the sky
Curriculum vitae
List of publications

Damien Gagnier (postdoc)

Bachelor (2014) & Master (2016): University of Toulouse
PhD (2020): University of Toulouse & University of Geneva, advisors: Prof. Michel Rieutord and Prof. Corinne Charbonnel
two papers on post-dynamical inspiral phase of common envelope evolution: binary orbit evolution and angular momentum transport and the role of magnetic fields

Camille Landri (PhD student)

Master (2020): Uppsala University
paper about OGLE-BLG504.12.201843: A possible extreme dwarf nova
paper on Driving asymmetric red supergiants winds with binary interactions

Milan Pešta (PhD student)

Master (2019): Charles University
university website
paper on Mass-ratio distribution of contact binary stars

Jakub Cehula (PhD student)

Master thesis (2021) on Stability of stars undergoing rapid mass loss
paper on Theory of mass transfer in binary stars and Dynamics of baryon ejection in magnetar giant flares

Anthony Kirilov (PhD student)

Master (2020): Cambridge University

Šárka Sedláčková (project management)
Former members

Michal Jireš – Bachelor (2024) on Simulation of rings surrounding the progenitor of SN1987A
Diego Calderón
– postdoc (2019-2023), published paper, another paper, next position: postdoc at Hamburg University, Humboldt Fellow at MPA Garching
David Vokrouhlický
– Master (2023) on Structure and evolution of stars deformed by a nearby companion, continuing with PhD at Institute of Physics, Prague
Dominika Hubová
 – Bachelor (2018) on Mass loss from binary stars, paper published in MNRAS, Master (2021) on Angular momentum loss from binary systems due to stellar winds
Matěj Mezera – Bachelor (2020) on Dynamical perturbations of triple stellar and planetary systems seen in gravitational waves with LISA
Petr Kurfürst – postdoc, published paper, next position: Masaryk University
Michał Pawlak – postdoc, published papers one and two, next position: postdoc at Jagiellonian University
Antonina Bako – project management
Petr Jakubčík (Oxford)- summer project on damped random walk modelling of ASAS-SN light curves, co-author on published paper