Ondřej Pejcha (group leader)

Bachelor (2006) & Master (2008): ITP MFF UK, advisor Dr. David Heyrovský
PhD (2013): Ohio State University, advisor Prof. Todd Thompson
Postdoc (2013-2017): Princeton University, NASA Hubble and Lyman Spitzer Jr. Fellow
Interests: binary stars, mergers, neutron stars, black holes, core-collapse supernovae, stellar dynamics, transients, and temporal variability in the sky
Curriculum vitae
List of publications

Diego Calderón (postdoc)

Bachelor (2012): Universidad de Concepción
Master (2015) & PhD (2019) : Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, advisors: Dr. Jorge Cuadra and Dr. Marc Schartmann
paper on Moving-mesh radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of wind-reprocessed transients

Damien Gagnier (postdoc)

Bachelor (2014) & Master (2016): University of Toulouse
PhD (2020): University of Toulouse & University of Geneva, advisors: Prof. Michel Rieutord and Prof. Corinne Charbonnel
paper on Post-dynamical inspiral phase of common envelope evolution: Binary orbit evolution and angular momentum transport

Camille Landri (PhD student)

Master (2020): Uppsala University
paper about OGLE-BLG504.12.201843: A possible extreme dwarf nova

Milan Pešta (PhD student)

Master (2019): Charles University
university website
paper on Mass-ratio distribution of contact binary stars

Jakub Cehula (PhD student)

Master thesis (2021) on Stability of stars undergoing rapid mass loss

Anthony Kirilov (PhD student)

Master (2020): Cambridge University

Šárka Sedláčková (project management)
Former members

Diego Calderón – postdoc (2019-2023), published paper, next position: postdoc at Hamburg University
David Vokrouhlický
– Master (2023) on Structure and evolution of stars deformed by a nearby companion
Dominika Hubová
 – Bachelor (2018) on Mass loss from binary stars, paper published in MNRAS, Master (2021) on Angular momentum loss from binary systems due to stellar winds
Matěj Mezera – Bachelor (2020) on Dynamical perturbations of triple stellar and planetary systems seen in gravitational waves with LISA
Petr Kurfürst – postdoc, published paper, next position: Masaryk University
Michał Pawlak – postdoc, published papers one and two, next position: postdoc at Jagiellonian University
Antonina Bako – project management
Petr Jakubčík (Oxford)- summer project on damped random walk modelling of ASAS-SN light curves, co-author on published paper