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Black hole thermodynamics: classical and quantum


Dr. Ana Alonso-Serrano, PhD 

Dr. Sebastian Schuster, PhD 

spring term 2021, 2/0 exam

Short syllabus:

Review of black holes; classical laws of black hole mechanics; quantum field theory for the Unruh and Hawking effect; black hole analogues: acoustic, Bose–Einstein condensates, electromagnetic; notions of entropy and information theory: classical and quantum; entropy of a black hole; information loss puzzle; approaches to solving the information puzzle; introduction to quantum gravity

Overview course on black hole physics. Classical and quantum aspects will be covered, more or less cursory. Some knowledge of general relativity will be assumed.
Courses related to the subject are NTMF065 – Úvod do kvantové teorie pole na křivém pozadí (taught in winter term) and NTMF095 – Pokročilé partie kvantové teorie pole na křivém pozadí (taught in summer term).

Time, space, rules:

Friday from 13:10. In 2021 it is taught in English via Zoom.
Zoom details by email.

Lectures will be recorded, and the links will be distributed to people in the course. If you notice anything we should delete from the recordings, please let us know.
Feedback during lectures as well as via email to either of us (Ana Alonso-Serrano or Sebastian Schuster) is welcome in any case.
Examination in English.

Links to Sebastian's lecture slides:

March 19-March 26 The Unruh and the Hawking effect 

April 09-April 16 Analogue space-times