Martin Cizek, Homepage. Keywords: Associative detachment, Low-energy inelastic electron-molecule collisions, dissociative attachment,  vibrational excitation - threshold peaks,  resonances,  nonadiabatic processes,  molecular hydrogen anion,  hydrogen halides, Wigner cusps, boomerang oscillations,  Feshbach resonances

PhD thesis:
RESONANT PROCESSES IN ATOMIC COLLISIONS - theoretical considerations and calculations
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List of publications:

M. Cizek and J. Horacek: Resonances in low-energy rare-gas atom scattering,
Czech. J. Phys. 46 (1996) 55-65
Links: Abstract.

M. Cizek and J. Horacek: On shooting methods for calculation of potential resonances,
J. Phys. A 29 (1996) 6325-6342
Crrigendum:  J. Phys. A 30 (1997) 4137
Links: Abstract. Fulltext(Pdf,225KB), (Postscript,167KB )

M. Cizek, J. Horacek and W Domcke: Nuclear dynamics of the H_2^- collision complex beyond the local
approximation: associative detachment and dissociative attachment to rotationally and vibrationally excited molecules.
J. Phys. B 31 (1998) 2571-2583
Links: Abstract. Preprint(Postscript,382KB), Preprint(Pdf, 277KB)

J. Horacek, M. Cizek and W Domcke: Generalization of the nonlocal resonance model for low-energy
electron collisions with hydrogen halides: the variable threshold exponent.
Theor. Chem. Acc. 100 (1998) 31-35
Links: Abstract. Fulltext(142KB)

M. Cizek, J. Horacek and W Domcke: Associative detachment, dissociative attachment, and vibrational
excitation of HCl by low-energy electrons.
Phys. Rev. A 60 (1999) 2873
Links: Abstract. Preprint(Postscript,454KB), Preprint(Pdf, 308KB)

M. Cizek, J. Horacek and H.-D. Meyer: Schwinger-Lanczos algorithm for calculation of off-shell T-matrix
elements and Wynn's epsilon algorithm.
Com. Phys. Comm. 131 (2000) 41-51
Links: Abstract. Preprint(Postscript,258KB), Preprint(Pdf, 162KB)

M. Allan, M. Cizek, J. Horacek and W Domcke: Electron scattering in cooled HCl: boomerang structures
and outer-well resonances in elastic and vibrational excitation cross sections.
J. Phys. B 33 (2000) L209-L213.
Links: Abstract. Fulltext(Pdf,93KB), (Postscript,430KB )

M. Cizek, J. Horacek, F. A. U. Thiel and H. Hotop: Associative detachment in low energy collisions between
hydrogen atoms and atomic halogen anions.
J. Phys. B 34 (2001) 983-1004.
Links: Abstract. Preprint(Postscript,682KB)

M. Cizek, J. Horacek, A.-Ch. Sergenton, D. B. Popović, M. Allan, W. Domcke, T. Leininger and F. X. Gadea:
Inelastic low-energy electron collisions with the HBr and DBr molecules: experiment and theory.
Phys. Rev. A 63 (2001) 062710,1-14.
Links: Abstract. Preprint(Postscript, 1.4MB)

M. Cizek, J. Horacek, M. Allan and W Domcke: Resonance and Threshold Phenomena in Low-Energy
Electron Collisions with Hydrogen Halides: New Experimental and Theoretical Results.
Czech. J. Phys. 52 (2002) 1057-1070.
Links: Preprint(Postscript, 495KB)

M. Pieksma, M. Cizek, J.W. Thomsen, P van der Straten, A Niehaus: Energy distribution of He+ and He2+ ions
formed in ultracold He(2^3S_1)+He(2^3P_2) collisions.
Phys. Rev. A 66 (2002) 022703, 1-9.
Links: Fulltext (Pdf, 209KB)

P. Kolorenc, M Cizek, J. Horacek, G. Milnikov, H. Nakamura: Study of dissociative electron attachment
to HI molecule by using R-matrix representation for Green's function.
Physica Scripta 65 (2002) 328-335.

K. Houfek, M. Cizek, J. Horacek: Dissociative attachment of low-energy electrons to vibrationally excited
hydrogen molecules.
Czech. J. Phys. 52 (2002) 29-40.
Links: Fulltext(Pdf, 362KB)

S. Zivanov, M. Allan, M. Cizek, J. Horacek, F. A. U. Thiel, H. Hotop:
Effects of interchannel coupling in associative detachment: Electron spectra for H+Cl- and H+Br- collisions.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 (2002) 073201, 1-4. 
Links: Fulltext(Pdf, 103KB)

K. Houfek, M. Cizek, J. Horacek: Calculation of rate constants for dissociative attachment of low-energy electrons 
to hydrogen halides HCl, HBr, and HI and their deuterated analogs
Phys. Rev. A 66 (2002) 062702, 1-9.
Links: Fulltext(Pdf, 115KB)

J. Horacek, K. Houfek, M. Cizek, I. Murakami and T. Kato: Rate Coefficients for Low-Energy Electron Dissociative 
Attachment to Molecular Hydrogen.
National Institute for Fusion Science. NISF-DATA-73 (2003) ISSN 0915-6364, Tokyo, Japan.
Research Report.

J. Horacek, M. Cizek, K. Houfek, P. Kolorenc and L. Pichl: Resonance contributions to low-energy electron collisions with molecular with molecular hydrogen.
Nukleonika 48 (2003) 109-112.

M. Cizek, J. Horacek, M Allan, I I Fabrikant, W. Domcke: Vibrational excitation of hydrogen fluoride by low-energy
electrons: theory and experiment.
J. Phys. B 36 (2003) 2837-49.
Preprint(1.8MB), Fulltext(Pdf,347KB)

S. Zivanov, M. Cizek, J. Horacek, M Allan: Electron spectra for associative detachment in low-energy collisions
of Cl- and Br- with H and D.
J. Phys. B, 36 (2003) 3513-31.

M. Cizek, M. Thoss, W Domcke: Vibrationally inelastic electron transport through a molecular bridge.
Phys. Rev. B, 70 (2004) 125406, 1-13. see also (cond-mat/0312080) and also Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Sci. & Technology vol.10 iss.12

J. Horacek, M. Cizek, K. Houfek, P. Kolorenc and W. Domcke: Dissociative electron attachment and vibrational excitation of H2 by low-energy electron: Calculations based on an improved nonlocal resonance model.
Phys. Rev. A 70 (2004) 052712,1-12.
Fulltext(Pdf 186KB)

M. Cizek, M. Thoss, W Domcke: Charge transport through a flexible molecular juncion.(biphenyl molecule)
Czech. J. Phys. 55 (2005) 189-202, see also cond-mat/0411064

R. Golser, H. Gnaser, W. Kutschera, A. Priller, P. Steier, A. Wallner, M. Cizek, J. Horacek and W. Domcke: Long-Lived Molecular Hydrogen Anions H2- and D2-: Theoretical and Experimental Evidence.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94 (2005) 223003, fulltext (pdf,207KB)

J. Horacek, M. Cizek, P. Kolorenc and W. Domcke: Isotope effects in vibrational excitation and dissociative electron attachment of DCl and DBr.
European Physical Journal D 35 (2005) 225-230.
Fulltext(Pdf 533KB)

J. Horacek, M. Cizek, K. Houfek, P. Kolorenc and W Domcke: Dissociative electron attachment and vibrational excitation of H2 by low-energy electrons: Calculations based on an improved nonlocal resonance model. Part II: Vibrational excitation .
Phys. Rev. A 73 (2006) 022701, 1-10.
Fulltext(Pdf 319KB)

C. Benesch, M. Čížek, M. Thoss, W. Domcke: Vibronic effects on resonant electron conduction through single molecule junctions.
Chem. Phys. Lett. 430 (2006) 355-360. See also cond-mat/0606756.
Fulltext(Pdf 3MB)

M. Cizek: Narrow resonances in dissociative electron attachment and vibrational excitaion in H2. In Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Proceedins of the XXIV International Conference ICPEAC, Rosario, Argentina, Editors: P. D. Fainstein, M. A. P. Lima, J. E. Miraglia, E. C. Montenegro and R. D. Rivarola. World Scientific (2006). Preprint.

M. Cizek, J. Horacek and W Domcke: Long-lived anionic states of H2, HD, D2 and T2.
Phys. Rev. A, 75 (2007) 012507. Preprint(Pdf, 165KB)

J. Fedor, M. Cingel, J. D. Skalny, P. Scheier, and T. D. Märk, M. Čížek, P. Kolorenč, and J. Horáček: Dissociative electron attachment to HBr: A temperature effect.
Phys. Rev. A 75, 022703 (2007) (5 pages). Fulltext(Pdf 133kB)

J. Horacek, K. Houfek and M. Cizek: Giant structures in low-energy electron-deuterium-iodide elastic scattering cross section.
Phys. Rev. A 75 (2007) 022719. Fulltext(Pdf 263kB)

I. Kondov, M. Čížek, C. Benesch, H. Wang, M. Thoss: Quantum Dynamics of Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Reactions in Dye-Semiconductor Systems: First-Principles Description and Application to Coumarin 343-TiO2.
J. Phys. Chem. C 111 (2007) 11970-11981., Fulltext(Pdf 470kB)

C. Benesch, M. Čížek, J. Klimeš, I. Kondov, M. Thoss, W. Domcke: Vibronic effects in single molecule conductance: First-principles description and application to benzenealkanethiolates between gold electrodes.
J. Phys. Chem. C 112 (2008) 9880–9890. For preprint see arXiv: cond-mat/0712.3690

K. Houfek, M. Cizek, J. Horacek: On irregular oscillatory structures in resonant vibrational excitation cross-sections in diatomic molecules.
Chemical Physics 347 (2008) 250–256. Fulltext(257kB).

M. Cizek, J. Horacek: Long-lived metastable anions of hydrogen halides. Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 280 (2009) 149-153.
doi:10.1016/j.ijms.2008.07.034. Preprint (1.0MB).

C. Benesch, M. F. Rode, M. Čížek, R. Haertle, O. Rubio-Pons, M. Thoss, A. L. Sobolewski: Switching the Conductance of a Single Molecule by Photoinduced Hydrogen Transfer.
J. Phys. Chem. C 113 (2009) 10315-10318.

: Electron scattering in HCl: An improved nonlocal resonance model.
Phys. Rev. A 81 (2010) 042702

H. Kreckel, H. Bruhns, M. Čížek, S.C.O. Glover, K.A. Miller, X. Urbain, D.W. Savin: Experimental Results for H2 Formation from H and H and Implications for First Star Formation.
Science, vol.328 iss.5987 (2010) 69-71. Free copy link through web page of D.W.Savin and link to supporting online material.
Related NSF press release including interview with D.W. Savin. Picture of experimental apparatus. Links to press coverage on the paper are collected on web page of D.W.Saving.

I. Pschenychnyuk, M. Cizek, J. Horacek: Cross-sections for creation of long-lived molecular hydrogen anions H2 in binary collisions. Phys. Rev. A (2009), submited (preprint-pdf)


International conferences (contributions available online):

EMS 2007 - 15th International Symposium on Electron Molecule Collisions and Swarms in Reading, Great Britain

I.A.Pschenichnyuk, M. Cizek, J. Horacek: Cross sections for creation of H2- ions in two-body collisions. Poster presentation .pdf(753kB) and additional material .pdf(100kB)

  ICPEAC 2005 - XXIV International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions.  
 M. Cizek: Narrow resonances in dissociative electron attachment and vibrational excitation in H2, Invited Progress Report.

  EPIC 2004 - Electron and Positron Induced Chemistry: Obergurgl, Austria, July 2004.  
 M. Cizek, M. Thoss, W. Domcke: Theory of Vibrationally Inelastic Electron Transport through Molecular Bridges, Oral Presentation (.ppt(1280KB), .pdf(720KB) - animations not available in pdf!)


  ECAMP8 2004 - EPS Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics: Rennes, 6-10 July 2004.
 M. Cizek: Electron Spectra for Associative Detachment of Negative ions, Progress Report (  .ppt(1730KB).pdf(1423KB)-animations not available in pdf!)
 M. Cizek, J. Horacek, W. Domcke: Meta-Stable Molecular Hydrogen Anion, Poster presentation .ppt(452KB).pdf(512KB))


 ADMOL 2004 - International workshop on Advances in Molecular Electronics: From molecular materials to single-molecule devices: Dresden, February 2004
 M. Cizek, M. Thoss, W. Domcke: Theory of Vibrationally Inelastic Electron Transport through Molecular Bridges, Poster presentation .ppt(709KB).pdf(694KB))


  Japan-Czech joint seminar, Okazaki:
     My talk, IMS-program.