Relativity Seminar
of the Institute of Theoretical Physics

spring 1999

Given seminars:

April 13, 1999
KdV equation and gravitational solitons
Prof. Jerry B. Griffiths
Loughborough University
April 27, 1999
On the current state of the string theory
M. Fabinger
(seminar in Czech language)
May 4, 1999
Single-exterior black holes and the AdS-CFT conjecture
Dr. J. Louko
Albert-Einstein-Institute, Potsdam
May 11, 1999
The Horsky-Mitskievich conjecture (How I tried to understand it)
Prof. H. Stephani
Institut der Theoretische Physik, F.-Schiller Universitat, Jena

Other semesters:

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