People at ITP

Staff of the institute

At present time, our institute has 14 members, thereof 2 professors and 5 docents. Link below points to some basic information about sthe staff members.

Ph.D. students in branch F-1

Institute of Theoretical Physics participates significantly in training of postgradual students in branch F-1 (Theoretical physics, astronomy and astrophysics) and D-2 (General questions in physics). Part of postgraduate students in these branches has their supervisors at the ITP. Professor  J. Bičák is chairman of the departmental councilF-1 and docent J. Langer chairman of the departmental council D-2.

Studenti studijního směru teoretická a matematická fyzika

Institute is guarantee of the study direction Theoretical Physics. Large part of students in this branch has their supervisors at the ITP.

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