Simulation in Many-particle Physics - NTMF021

The materials by Milan Předota for the class are/will be available via moodle. You need to login as guest and use the password send in the information e-mail.

Lectures will be given in English each Thursday at 13:10 in the lecture room at Institute of Theoretical Physics

Exam terms and questions

Currently opened terms are:

in the little lecture room of ITP (Kvasnicárna UTF), 10th floor of Troja Building.
Students of CTU should enroll to the exam by sending an e-mail to both lectures.

Here are exam question for download:

Homework tasks

To obtain credits, it is necessary to solve

Those who failed to fulfill some of the four mandatory problems are required to choose an additional problem of their choice - at least one given by Karel Houfek.

Problems on Monte Carlo simulations:

To solve the problems above you can use almost any programming language but I recommend to use Fortran, C/C++ or Rust for the best performance together with Gnuplot for plotting.

Materials to download

Notes and Mathematica notebooks
Topic     Notes     Notebooks in Mathematica
Monte Carlo method - Introduction and background   scan    
Monte Carlo method - Integration   scan   01.Simple_MC_Integration.nb (pdf)
Random number generators   scan   02.Examples_of_Linear_Congruential_Generators.nb (pdf)
03.Generating_Random_Variables_with_a_Specified_Distribution.nb (pdf)
Markov chains and Metropolis algorithm   scan   04.Simple.Markov.Chains.nb (pdf)
Thermodynamic MC - general remarks   scan    
Thermodynamic MC - Ising models   scan
Geometric MC - Percolation   scan
Geometric MC - Diffusion-limited aggregation   scan    
Cellular Automata   scan