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Associative detachment of H− + H→H2 + e−

Mille K. A.; Bruhns H.; Eliášek J.; Čížek M.; Kreckel H.; Urbain X.; Savin D. W.

Using a merged-beams apparatus, we have measured the associative detachment (AD) reaction of H− + H →
H2 + e
− for relative collision energies up to Er  4.83 eV. These data extend above the 1-eV limit of our earlier
results.We have also updated our previous theoretical work to account for AD via the repulsive 2
g H2
− potential
energy surface and for the effects at Er  0.76 eV on the experimental results due to the formation of long-lived
H2 resonances lying above the H + H separated atoms limit. Merging both experimental data sets, our results are
in good agreement with our new theoretical calculations and confirm the prediction that this reaction essentially
turns off for Er  2 eV. Similar behavior has been predicted for the formation of protonium from collisions of
antiprotons and hydrogen atoms.
journal:Physical Review A
grants:Vibrational and dissociation dynamics of molecular systems in electronic continuum, GAČR 208/10/1281; 2010-2014; hlavní řešitel: Martin Čížek
phys.rev.a84, 052709 (2011).pdf (403.77 kB)

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