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Quantum fate of timelike naked singularity with scalar hair

Svitek, O.; Tahamtan, T.; Zampeli, A.

We study the quantum fate of a naked curvature singularity
sourced by a scalar field via several methods and compare the
results obtained. The first method relies on relativistic quantum
mechanics on a fixed background employing the Klein–Gordon
and the Dirac equations for a static spacetime. We show that
both the Klein–Gordon and the Dirac particles feel this singu-
larity therefore this method does not provide its resolution. For
comparison, we subsequently employ methods for quantizing
the geometry itself. We selected the canonical quantization via
conditional symmetries and as a last approach we use a maximal
acceleration derivation in the covariant loop quantum gravity.
In both of these approaches the singularity is resolved at the
quantum level. We discuss these conflicting results bearing in
mind that quantum particles probe classical geometry in the
first approach while the last two methods quantize the geometry
journal:Ann. Phys.
eprint: arxiv:1606.05635
quantum fate of timelike naked singularity with scalar hair .pdf (805.73 kB)

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