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The Dynamics of the Wide-angle Tailed (WAT) Galaxy Cluster A562

Gómez, P. L.; Calderón, D.

We present the first in-depth dynamical analysis of the archetypal wide-angle tailed (WAT) cluster A562. We have combined Gemini observations with archival data from the literature to form a sample of 76 cluster members and derived a mean redshift of 0.1088 ± 0.0004 and a velocity dispersion of 919 ± 116 km s-1. This relatively large velocity dispersion suggests either a very massive cluster (Mdyn > 6.9 × 1014 M?) and/or a merger system. The merger model is supported by a non-Gaussian galaxy velocity distribution, an elongated spatial distribution of likely cluster members, and an elongated X-ray emitting gas. This scenario would generate the bulk flow motion of the intracluster medium that can exert enough ram pressure to bend the radio jets. Thus, our observations support the model in which a recent off-axis merger event produced the cluster wide conditions needed to shape the WAT in A562.

journal:Astronomical Journal
g?mez_calderon_2020_aj_160_152.pdf (5954.39 kB)

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