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Extremal isolated horizons with a cosmological constant and the related unique type D black holes

Podolský J.; Matejov D.

We extend our previous work in which we derived the most general form of an induced metric describing the geometry of an axially symmetric extremal isolated horizon (EIH) in asymptotically flat spacetime. Here we generalize it to EIHs in asymptotically (anti–)de Sitter spacetime. The resulting metric conveniently forms a six-parameter family which, in addition to a cosmological constant Λ, depends on the area of the horizon, total electric and magnetic charges, and two deficit angles representing conical singularities at poles. Such a metric is consistent with results obtained in the context of near-horizon geometries. Moreover, we study extremal horizons of all black holes within the class of Plebański-Demiański exact (electro)vacuum spacetimes of the algebraic type D. In an important special case of nonaccelerating black holes, that is the famous Kerr-Newman-NUT-(A)dS metric, we were able to identify the corresponding extremal horizons, including their position and geometry, and find explicit relations between the physical parameters of the metric and the geometrical parameters of the EIHs.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
grants:Exact Spacetimes in Einstein’s Theory, Quadratic Gravity, and Other Generalizations, GAČR 20-05421S; 2020-2022; hlavní řešitel: Jiří Podolský
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