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A theory of mass transfer in binary stars

Cehula, Jakub and Pejcha, Ondřej

Calculation of the mass transfer (MT) rate M˙d of a Roche lobe overflowing star is a fundamental task in binary star evolution theory. Most of the existing MT prescriptions are based on a common set of assumptions that combine optically thick and optically thin regimes with different flow geometries. In this work, we develop a new model of MT based on the assumption that the Roche potential sets up a nozzle converging on the inner Lagrangian point and that the gas flows mostly along the axis connecting both stars. We derive a set of 1D hydrodynamic equations governing the gas flow with M˙d
determined as the eigenvalue of the system. The inner boundary condition directly relates our model to the structure of the donor obtained from 1D stellar evolution codes. We obtain an algebraic solution for the polytropic equation-of-state (EOS). This gives M˙d
within a factor of 0.9 to 1.0 of existing optically thick prescriptions and reduces to the existing optically thin prescription for isothermal gas. For a realistic EOS, we find that M˙d
differs by up to a factor of 4 from existing models. We illustrate the effects of our new MT model on a 30M⊙
low-metallicity star undergoing intensive thermal time-scale MT and find that it is more likely to become unstable to L2 overflow and common-envelope evolution than expected according to MT prescriptions. Our model provides a framework to include additional physics such as radiation or magnetic fields.
journal:Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.
grants:Cat-In-hAT: Catastrophic Interactions of Binary Stars and the Associated Transients, Horizon 2020 ERC Starting Grant 803158; 2019-2023; hlavní řešitel: Ondřej Pejcha
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