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Carrollian motion in magnetized black hole horizons

Gray F.; Kubizňák D.; Perche T.R.; Redondo-Yuste J.

We revisit the motion of massless particles with anyonic spin in the horizon of Kerr-Newman geometry. As recently shown, such particles can move within the horizon of the black hole due to the coupling of charges associated with a two-parametric central extension of the two-dimensional Carroll group to the magnetic field generated by the black hole-the so-called "anyonic spin-Hall effect." We show that the previously computed magnetic field is not invariant under Carroll diffeomorphisms and find another result which respects these symmetries of the horizon. We also consider a more astrophysically relevant case of a (weakly charged) rotating back hole placed in a uniform magnetic field, which could, for instance, be induced by the surrounding plasma. We show that a qualitatively similar magnetic field assisted anyonic spin-Hall effect takes place, even in the absence of black hole rotation. The theoretical possibility of a motion induced by a magnetic monopole is also studied.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
grants:Skryté symetrie a chemie černých děr; 2023 - 2025;
physrevd.107.064009_kubiznak.pdf (524.55 kB)

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