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Long-lived states of molecular hydrogen anion

Horáček, J.; Čížek, M.; Houfek, K.; Kolorenč, P.

The existence of long-lived states (of the order of microseconds) of the molecular hydrogen anion H<sub>2</sub><sup>-</sup> is discussed both from theoretical and experimental points of view. The history of experimental search for these states is briefly reviewed and a theoretical explanation based on the use of the nonlocal resonance model offered. Final unambiguous confirmation of the existence by means of the accelerator mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry and the measurement of their lifetimes in electrostatic ion-beam trap is described.
editor:Roueff, E.
odkaz: http://link.aip.org/link/?APCPCS/901/147/1
grant:Dynamika excitovaných molekulárních systémů, GAAV IAA100400501, 2005-2009; Centrum teoretické astrofyziky, MŠMT ČR LC06014, 2005-2009; MSM0021620835
aipconfproc 901 (2007) 147 (horacek,cizek,houfek,kolorenc).pdf (1699.7 kB)
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