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Giant structures in low-energy electron-deuterium-iodide elastic scattering cross section

Horáček, Jiří; Houfek, Karel; Čížek, Martin

Calculations of the resonance part of the cross section of elastic electron scattering with DI molecule at energies below the dissociative attachment threshold based on the use of the nonlocal resonance model of Horáček, Nakamura and Domcke [Z. Phys. D 42, 181 (1997)] reveal a series of sharp peaks of giant amplitudes of several thousands of A(2). These structures are interpreted as demonstrations of outer well resonances in the negative molecular ion state potential and should be observable experimentally provided the energy resolution of the beam is in the range of few meV.
journal:Physical Review A
odkaz: http://pra.aps.org/abstract/PRA/v75/i2/e022719
grant:Dynamika excitovaných molekulárních systémů, GAAV IAA100400501, 2005-2009; MSM0021620835
physreva 75 (2007) 022719 (horacek,houfek,cizek).pdf (262.11 kB)
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