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Long-lived anionic states of H_{2} , HD, D_{2} , and T_{2}

Čížek, M.; Horáček, J.; Domcke, W.

A detailed investigation of the long-lived states of the hydrogen molecule anion has been performed within the ab initio-based nonlocal resonance model. The resonances in the X 2Sigma<sub>u</sub><sup>+</sup> electronic state of H2- are stabilized against autodetachment by molecular rotation and can be interpreted as orbiting states of H+H- with high angular momenta (J=22-27). The lifetimes and energies of all long-lived states have been calculated for the hydrogen molecular anion and its isotopic analogs. Recent experimental values of Heber et al. [Phys. Rev. A 73, 060501(R) (2006)] for lifetimes of H2-, HD-, and D2- can be explained within the model. For T2-, we predict a large number of states with lifetimes up to ~0.1 s.
journal:Physical Review A
odkaz: http://link.aps.org/abstract/PRA/v75/e012507
grant:Dynamika excitovaných molekulárních systémů, GAAV IAA100400501, 2005-2009; GACR 202/03/D112; MSM0021620835
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