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Publikace ÚTF

Long-lived metastable anions of hydrogen halides

Čížek, M.; Horáček, J.

We search for narrow resonances in cross-sections for electron collisions with HCl, DCl, HBr and DBr
molecules, calculated with the nonlocal resonance model. Narrow resonances corresponding to longlived
metastable states of anionic molecules are indeed found in both elastic and vibrational excitation
cross-sections. The largest lifetime  tau= 0.11ms is predicted for HBr− with rotational quantum number
J = 20. For HCl we find maximum tau 0.6ns for J = 22 and tau=0.6micro-s for J = 33 in DCl. A surprising isotope
effect is found for DBr, where the largest lifetime is tau=1.5micros., i.e., much smaller than for HBr.
journal:International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
pacs:34.15.Ry, 52.20.Fs, 52.20.Hv
grant:Dynamika excitovaných molekulárních systémů, GAAV IAA100400501, 2005-2009
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