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Absence of gyratons in the Robinson-Trautman class

Švarc, R.; Podolský, J.

We present the Riemann and Ricci tensors for a fully general non-twisting and shear-free geometry in arbitrary dimension D. This includes both the non-expanding Kundt and expanding Robinson-Trautman family of spacetimes. As an interesting application of these explicit expressions we then integrate the Einstein equations and prove a surprising fact that in any D the Robinson-Trautman class does not admit solutions representing gyratonic sources, i.e., matter field in the form of a null fluid (or particles propagating with the speed of light) with an additional internal spin. Contrary to the closely related Kundt class and pp-waves, the corresponding off-diagonal metric components thus do not encode the angular momentum of some gyraton. Instead, we demonstrate that in standard D=4 general relativity they directly determine two independent amplitudes of the Robinson-Trautman exact gravitational waves.
journal:Phys. Rev. D
pacs:04.20.Jb, 04.30.-w, 04.50.-h, 04.40.Nr
grant:Prostoročasy a pole ve vícerozměrné a klasické teorii gravitace, GAČR P203/12/0118
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