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Analysis of a measurement scheme for ultrafast hole dynamics by few femtosecond resolution X-ray pump– probe Auger spectroscopy

Cooper, B.; Kolorenč, P.; Frasinski,L. J.; Averbukha, V.; Marangos, J. P.

Ultrafast hole dynamics created in molecular systems as a result of sudden ionisation is the
focus of much attention in the field of attosecond science. Using the molecule glycine we
show through ab initio simulations that the dynamics of a hole, arising from ionisation in
the inner valence region, evolves with a timescale appropriate to be measured using X-ray
pulses from the current generation of SASE free electron lasers. The examined pump–
probe scheme uses X-rays with photon energy below the K edge of carbon (275–280
eV) that will ionise from the inner valence region. A second probe X-ray at the same
energy can excite an electron from the core to fill the vacancy in the inner-valence
region. The dynamics of the inner valence hole can be tracked by measuring the Auger
electrons produced by the subsequent refilling of the core hole as a function of pump–
probe delay. We consider the feasibility of the experiment and include numerical
simulation to support this analysis. We discuss the potential for all X-ray pump-X-ray
probe Auger spectroscopy measurements for tracking hole migration.
journal:The Royal Society of Chemistry - Faraday Discussions

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