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Electron Transfer and Associative Detachment in Low-Temperature Collisions of D− with H

Roučka, Ś.; Mulin,D.; Jusko, P.; Čížek, M.; Eliášek, J.; Plašil, R.; Gerlich, D.; Glosík J.

The interaction of D− with H was studied experimentally and theoretically
at low temperatures. The rate coefficients of associative detachment and electron transfer
reactions were measured in the temperature range 10−160 K using a combination of a
cryogenic 22-pole trap with a cold effusive beam of atomic hydrogen. Results from
quantum-mechanical calculations are in good agreement with the experimental data. The
rate coefficient obtained for electron transfer is increasing monotonically with
temperature from 1 × 10−9 cm3 s−1 at 10 K to 5 × 10−9 cm3 s−1 at 160 K. The rate
coefficient for associative detachment has a flat maximum of 3 × 10−9 cm3 s−1 between 30
and 100 K.
journal:The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
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