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Ultrafast Molecular Three-Electron Auger Decay

Raimund Feifel, R.; Eland, J. H. D.; Squibb, R. J.; Mucke, M.; Zagorodskikh, S.; Linusson, P.; Tarantelli, F.; Kolorenč, P.; Averbukh, V.

Three-electron Auger decay is an exotic and elusive process, in which two outer-shell electrons
simultaneously refill an inner-shell double vacancy with emission of a single Auger electron. Such
transitions are forbidden by the many-electron selection rules, normally making their decay lifetimes orders
of magnitude longer than the few-femtosecond lifetimes of normal (two-electron) Auger decay. Here we
present theoretical predictions and direct experimental evidence for a few-femtosecond three-electron
Auger decay of a double inner-valence-hole state in CH3F. Our analysis shows that in contrast to double
core holes, double inner-valence vacancies in molecules can decay exclusively by this ultrafast threeelectron
Auger process, and we predict that this phenomenon occurs widely.
journal:Phys. Rev. Lett.
grant:GAUK 122/2009
physrevlett.116.073001.pdf (361.35 kB)

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