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X-Ray Line Profile Variations during Quasar Microlensing

Ledvina, L., Heyrovský, D. and Dovčiak, M.

Observations of several gravitationally microlensed quasars in X-rays revealed variations in the profile of the iron
Kα line in the course of microlensing events. We explore the effect by simulating a microlensing caustic crossing a
spatially resolved model of emission from a thin accretion disk around a Kerr black hole. We demonstrate the
sequence of spectral changes during the event, in particular the appearance of additional peaks and edges in the line
profile due to microlensing. We trace the origin of these features to points on the disk, at which the total energy
shift (g-factor) contours are tangent to the caustic. Contours tangent from the inner side of the caustic generate
peaks, while those tangent from its outer side generate edges. We derive analytical shapes of the generated features
and map the peak strength as a function of position of the tangent point on the disk. Since the features are
determined by the positional geometry of the caustic relative to the g-factor contours, the same type of behavior can
be expected in a much broader range of emission models. The sequence of line profile changes thus serves as a
sensitive probe of the geometry and physics of the innermost region of the quasar accretion disk.
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