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Explicit algebraic classification of Kundt geometries in any dimension

Podolský, J.; Švarc, R.

We present an algebraic classification, based on the null alignment properties of the Weyl tensor, of the general Kundt class of spacetimes in arbitrary dimension D for which the non-expanding, non-twisting, shear-free null direction \boldk is a (multiple) Weyl aligned null direction (WAND). No field equations are used, so that the results apply not only to Einstein's gravity and its direct extension to higher dimensions, but also to any metric theory of gravity which admits the Kundt spacetimes. By an explicit evaluation of the Weyl tensor in a natural null frame we demonstrate that all Kundt geometries are of type I(b) or more special, and we derive simple necessary and sufficient conditions under which \boldk becomes a double, triple or quadruple WAND. All possible algebraically special types, including the refinement to subtypes, are identified, namely II(a), II(b), II(c), II(d), III(a), III(b), N, O, II$_i, III_i, D(a), D(b), D(c) and D(d). The corresponding conditions are surprisingly clear and expressed in an invariant geometric form. Some of them are always satisfied in four dimensions. To illustrate our classification scheme, we apply it to the most important subfamilies of the Kundt class, namely the pp-waves, the VSI spacetimes, and generalization of the Bertotti-Robinson, Nariai, and Plebanski-Hacyan direct-product spacetimes of any dimension.
journal:Class. Quantum Grav.
grants:Current problems of gravitation, general relativity and relativistic astrophysics, GAČR 202/09/0772; 2009-2013; hlavní řešitel: Jiří Bičák
Spacetimes and Fields in Higher Dimensional and Classical Gravity, GAČR 203/12/0118 ; 2012-2016; hlavní řešitel: Jiří Podolský
article_cqg_30_2013_125007.pdf (363.53 kB)

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