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Electromagnetic sources distributed on shells in a Schwarzschild background

Gürlebeck N.; Bičák J.; Gutiérrez-Piñeres A. C.

In the Introductionwe briefly recall our previous results on stationary electromagnetic
fields on black hole backgrounds and the use of spin-weighted spherical
harmonics.We then discuss static electric and magnetic test fields in a Schwarzschild
background using some of these results. As sources we do not consider point charges
or current loops like in previousworks, rather,we analyze spherical shells with smooth
electric or magnetic charge distributions as well as electric or magnetic dipole distributions
depending on both angular coordinates. Particular attention is paid to the
discontinuities of the field, of the 4-potential, and their relation to the source.
journal:Gen. Rel. Grav.
grant:Fyzikální studium objektů a procesů ve sluneční soustavě a v astro-fyzikálních systémech, výzkumný záměr MSM0021620860, 2007-2013
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