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EChO Exoplanet characterisation observatory

Group of people; Heyrovský .

A dedicated mission to investigate exoplanetary atmospheres represents
a major milestone in our quest to understand our place in the universe
by placing our Solar System in context and by addressing the suitability
of planets for the presence of life. EChO—the Exoplanet Characterisation
Observatory—is a mission concept specifically geared for this purpose. EChO
will provide simultaneous, multi-wavelength spectroscopic observations on
a stable platform that will allow very long exposures. The use of passive
cooling, few moving parts and well established technology gives a low-risk and
potentially long-lived mission. EChO will build on observations by Hubble,
Spitzer and ground-based telescopes, which discovered the first molecules
and atoms in exoplanetary atmospheres. However, EChO’s configuration and
specifications are designed to study a number of systems in a consistent manner
that will eliminate the ambiguities affecting prior observations. EChO will
simultaneously observe a broad enough spectral region—from the visible to
the mid-infrared—to constrain from one single spectrum the temperature
structure of the atmosphere, the abundances of the major carbon and oxygen
journal:Exp. Astron.

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