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Interatomic Coulombic decay following resonant core excitation of Ar in argon dimer

Miteva, T.; Chiang, Y. -C.; Kolorenč, P.; Kuleff, A. I.; Gokhberg, K.; Cederbaum, L. S.

A scheme utilizing excitation of core electrons followed by the resonant-Auger – interatomic Coulombic decay (RA-ICD) cascade was recently proposed as a means of controlling the generation site and energies of slow ICD electrons. This control mechanism was verified in a series of experiments in rare gas dimers. In this article, we present fully ab initio computed ICD electron and kinetic energy release spectra produced following 2p3/2→4s, 2p1/2→4s, and 2p3/2→3d core excitations of Ar in Ar2. We demonstrate that the manifold of ICD states populated in the resonant Auger process comprises two groups. One consists of lower energy ionization satellites characterized by fast interatomic decay, while the other consists of slow decaying higher energy ionization satellites. We show that accurate description of nuclear dynamics in the latter ICD states is crucial for obtaining theoretical electron and kinetic energy release spectra in good agreement with the experiment.
journal:Journal of Chemical Physics
grants:Non-radiative relaxation processes in ionized atomic and molecular systems, GAČR 208/12/0521; 2012-2015; hlavní řešitel: Přemysl Kolorenč
j.chem.phys.141.064307.pdf (1821.41 kB)

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