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Collisions of electrons with hydrogen atoms I. Package outline and high energy code

Benda, J.; Houfek, K.

Being motivated by the applied researchers’ persisting need for accurate scattering data for the collisions
of electrons with hydrogen atoms, we developed a computer package – Hex – that is designed to provide
trustworthy results for all basic discrete and continuous processes within non-relativistic framework. The
package consists of several computational modules that implement different methods, valid for specific
energy regimes. Results of the modules are kept in a common database in the unified form of low-level
scattering data (partial-wave T -matrices) and accessed by an interface program which is able to produce
various derived quantities like e.g. differential and integral cross sections. This article is the first one of
a series of articles that are concerned with the implementation and testing of the modules. Here we
give an overview of their structure and present (a) the command-line interface program hex-db that can
be also easily compiled into a derived code or used as a backend for a web-page form and (b) simple
illustrative module specialized for high energies, hex-dwba, that implements distorted and plane wave
Born approximation.
journal:Computer Physics Communications
compphyscomm 185 (2014) 2893 (benda,houfek).pdf (815.44 kB)

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