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Collisions of electrons with hydrogen atoms II. Low-energy program using the method of the exterior complex scaling✩

Benda, J.; Houfek, K.

While collisions of electrons with hydrogen atoms pose a well studied and in some sense closed problem,
there is still no free computer code ready for ‘‘production use’’, that would enable applied researchers to
generate necessary data for arbitrary impact energies and scattering transitions directly if absent in online
scattering databases. This is the second article on the Hex program package, which describes a new
computer code that is, with a little setup, capable of solving the scattering equations for energies ranging
from a fraction of the ionization threshold to approximately 100 eV or more, depending on the available
computational resources. The program implements the exterior complex scaling method in the B-spline
journal:Computer Physics Communications
compphyscomm 185 (2014) 2903 (benda,houfek).pdf (2176.76 kB)

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