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Ultrarelativistic boost with scalar field

Svítek O., Tahamtan T.

We present the ultrarelativistic boost of the general global monopole solution which is parametrized by mass and deficit solid angle. The problem is addressed from two different perspectives. In the first one the primary object for performing the boost is the metric tensor while in the second one the energy momentum tensor is used. Since the solution is sourced by a triplet of scalar fields that effectively vanish in the boosting limit we investigate the behavior of a scalar field in a simpler setup. Namely, we perform the boosting study of the spherically symmetric solution with a free scalar field given by Janis, Newman and Winicour. The scalar field is again vanishing in the limit pointing to a broader pattern of scalar field behaviour during an ultrarelativistic boost in highly symmetric situations.
journal:Gen. Rel. Grav.
pacs:04.20.Jb, 04.70.Bw, 04.40.Nr
art%3a10.1007%2fs10714-016-2021-x.pdf (438.41 kB)

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