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Electrogeodesics in the di-hole Majumdar- Papapetrou spacetime

Ryzner, J.; Žofka, M.

We investigate the (electro-)geodesic structure of the Majumdar-Papapetrou
solution representing static charged black holes in equilibrium. We assume
only two point sources, thus imparting spacetime axial symmetry. We study
electrogeodesics both on and off the equatorial plane and explore the stability
of circular trajectories via the geodesic deviation equation. In contrast to the
classical Newtonian situation, we find regions of spacetime admitting two
different angular frequencies for a given radius of the circular electrogeodesic.
We look both at the weak- and near-field limits of the solution. We use
analytic as well as numerical methods in our approach.
journal:Gen. Rel. Grav.
pages:205010 (15pp)
cqg_32_205010.pdf (835.96 kB)

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