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Pressure in Lemaître–Tolman–Bondi solutions and cosmologies

Lynden-Bell1, D., Bičák, J.

Lemaître–Tolman–Bondi solutions have traditionally been confined to systems
with no pressure in which the gravity is due to massive dust, but the solutions are
little changed in form if, as in cosmology, the pressure is uniform in space at each
comoving time. This allows the equations of cosmology to be deduced in a manner
that more closely resembles classical mechanics. It also gives some inhomogeneous
solutions with growing condensations and black holes. We give criteria by
which the sizes of different closed models of the Universe can be compared and
discuss conditions for self-closure of inhomogeneous cosmologies with a L-term.
journal:Class. Quantum Grav.
cqg.33.075001.pdf (431.54 kB)

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