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On the implications of the Bekenstein bound for black hole evaporation

Acquaviva, G.; Iorio, A.; Scholtz, M.

We elaborate on the possible impact of the Bekenstein bound on
the unitarity of black hole evaporation. As such maximal bound on
the entropy of any system may be regarded as due to the existence
of entities more elementary than the ordinary ones, and since
at our energy scales such fundamental degrees of freedom must
organize themselves into quantum fields acting on classical spacetimes, we then propose that both, quantum fields and geometries,
are emergent phenomena stemming from the same underlying
dynamics. We investigate the kinematical and model independent
effects of this ‘‘quasi-particle picture’’ on black hole evaporation
within a simple toy model, that we construct. We conclude that
the information associated to the quantum fields in the ‘‘phase’’
before the formation of the black hole is, in general, only partially recovered in the ‘‘phase’’ after the black hole has evaporated.
This information loss is shown to be due to the entanglement
between fields and geometry. Such modifications of the Page curve
journal:Annals of Physics (Leipzig)

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