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Nonsymmetric dynamical thin-shell wormhole in Robinson–Trautman class

Svítek, O.; Tahamtan, T.

The thin-shell wormhole created using the
Darmois–Israel formalism applied to Robinson–Trautman
family of spacetimes is presented. The stress energy tensor created on the throat is interpreted in terms of two dust
streams and it is shown that asymptotically this wormhole
settles to the Schwarzschild wormhole with a throat located
at the position of the horizon. This behavior shows a nonlinear
stability (within the Robinson–Trautman class) of this spherically symmetric wormhole. The gravitational radiation emitted by the Robinson–Trautman wormhole during the transition to spherical symmetry is indistinguishable from that
of the corresponding black hole Robinson–Trautman spacetime. Subsequently, we show that the higher-dimensional
generalization of Robinson–Trautman geometry offers a possibility of constructing wormholes without the need to violate
the energy conditions for matter induced on the throat
journal:European Journal of Physics C
svitek-tahamtan_eur.phys.j. c 78 (2018) 167.pdf (543.03 kB)

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